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Nutrition corner - Mosaic pie

If canada is reknown for its cultural diversity being pictured as a mosaic, this recipe would certainly be a good example. A modified version of our much beloved shepperd’s pie, this dish will nourish you for a day of winter activities and give you alternatives to make this dish even healthier for your hear and middle. 

So if you like to cook for taste but you also like to make halthy choices know that:

 - The glycemic index of squash is lower than potatoes, so the glycemic charge of this meal is lower with squash, so bluntly put, the ‘need to go lie down on the couch’ factor is diminished…
- Also, there are options to make this dish vegan and yet full of proteins and healthy, necessary, vegetable oils.

Ingredients :

3 small onions, chopped up in small pieces (1/3cup)

1 lb of ground meat (veal, beef, lamb, ask your butcher for a mix) or fake ground meat (yves

gourmet ground beef)

1 can of red kidney beans (well rinsed)

1 medium size butternut squash

1 finely sliced zucchini

Coconut oil or butter

Cow’s milk or soya milk

Your choice of spices (salt, pepper, cajun)

Parmesan (optional)


Step 1- Place squash in oven at 325, cut in half

Step 2- Caramelize onions with butter or coconut oil. Add meat and cook until brown. Add spices. Place meat mixture in bottom of deep dish read for oven.

Step 3- Take squash out of oven when easy to plant fork in it. Make a puree out of squash and add butter or coconut oil as well as your choice of milk.

Step 4- Assemble all of the ingredients in deep dish. Add kidney beans over meat and spread pureed squash above. May ad zucchini slices above at even distance to decorate and indicate portions. May add paprika or cayenne above (depending on liking for spicyness). May also add parmesan.

Step 5- Place dish inoven for 30min at 350.

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