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At sea with XP Antarctik

At sea with XP Antarctik

All three Esprit de Corps sailboats headed out for a day of sailing in support of the XP Antarctik project on Friday, June 13. Members of the expedition spent a day sailing with 22 of their supporters, people who have supported and believed in them from the very beginning of the project. They departed from the Marina of Quebec City and sailed to the Bridge of Quebec City and back.    

XP Antarctik was able to raise $10,000 to support their project. Participants faced a heavy agenda! First up, meet the members of EDC and XP Antarctik and hear about XP’s expedition in the Antarctic. Then, it was time to learn some basic sailing techniques from none other than the Skipper Georges Leblanc! Once that was done, it was time to head out and put those notions to practice in a friendly match race on the St. Lawrence River. XP Antarctik organized this day in order to thank their supporters. 


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