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EDC team runs Île d’Orleans

EDC team runs Île d’Orleans

The Esprit de Corps Internal Challenge took place on Monday, June 9. Staff members ran around the beautiful Île d’Orleans, located 15 km north of Quebec City.

This was the opportunity to apply the running techniques and advice given by EDC Coaches to the energetic team. 28 employees were ready to take on the challenge after attending several nutrition workshops, collective training sessions as well as conferences on transactional analysis and interpersonal relations. Employees were divided into different running groups and each employee ran a minimum of three, 8-km relays. The Challenge was one-day long and provided employees the chance to live what they themselves organize for clients: an EDC Challenge.

The EDC team was already an example of team cohesion and spirit but it was further enhanced by the experiences they lived during this Challenge; a Challenge filled with new discoveries, emotions and the desire to always want to push one’s limits!

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