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How to enjoy the holidays and spend quality time with your family?

There are a few possible scénarios in which you find yourself.

A) You can’t wait to get out of the office! You love your family children, parents, grand-parents, even your in-laws. The holidays for you are a time where you feel like you can really express your true self. From the gift wrapping to the carolling, to the longest supper ever, the holidays never cease to amaze you.

In this case, don’t mind us, begin to unwind and please skip ahead to our January newsletter where we will discuss how to feel more motivated in your work :)

B) When you leave your house in the morning to go to work it’s a relief- like now you can finally focus on what's important and take the time to do things that matter to you. Rather than folding the laundry or helping with homework or clearing up a mess or going to your in-laws for a family supper. Now that the holidays are around the corner...what preoccupies you the most is how you're going to find a different excuse than last year to avoid half of the functions you've been invited to but would rather not go to...

In this case, we advise that you bring your work home. No, really. Talk about what you’re passionate about. Talk about your work, at the very least, you’ll have a good time.

C) You enjoy your work and feel like the year has been challenging but fruitful. It'll be a little difficult to unwind the first few hours/ days on holiday but you are looking forward to not to qhaving a fixed agenda and spending time in the - present moment- with the people that are the most important in your life- your family and friends. You know you will have time for this because you've made the time.

Long ago you realized that life was too short to be lived by anybody else's standards but your own. Your holidays are what you make of them and you want yours to be a time of appreciation, relaxation and celebration!

Words to live by : Happiness comes from an alignment between your actions and your core values- So make sure you choose them well!

Aviva Lavallée
Director, Leadership and team mobilization department

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