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Mobeewave bet on corporate culture

Mobeewave bet on corporate culture !

It is by joining forces together that Maxime de Nanclas and Benjamin du Haÿs created Mobeewave 3 years ago. This successful young company with its main offices located in the Old Port of Montreal is specialized in the development of an innovating technology- to pay without contact with a smartphone.

Programmer, engineer and entrepreneur meet at Mobeewave with the desire to innovate and unite to face new challenges, which will surely come as the company looks as though they will be expanding rapidly. Solidifying the company's culture is one of the many ways they are preparing themselves for this growth. “ We think it's possible the cmpany will triple in size in the next year!” says Benjamin.

It’s in this context that Maxime sought out the services of Esprit de Corps inc., in order to focus on team bonding in the calm before the storm and scurry of expansion. To do so, the company has taken on the 'Discovery formula'; composed of several sessions this program is an initation to the right tools it takes for a team to build an organizational culture that can take on anything. 

“Since our first session on the 14th of November at Mobeewave, we have been in contact with dynamic and engaged people who come from around the world: Québec, India and France. It is very stimulating introduce them to Esprit de Corps' philosophy want watch all of them progress together, as one team” tells us Samuel Ostiguy, keynote speaker and coach in leadership and team mobilization.

“During the collective sessions we bring the “Mobeewavers”, to step out of their comfort zone and to work together under pressure, and test their commitment to the values of the company, they all have been very open and receptive” Informs us Gautier Da Silva, Coach in Leadership and team mobilization also working on the project.

The discovery formula is made up of conferences, workshops, collevtive sessions of 'experiential' learning and a final closure 'celebration' where a video capturing their best moments is unveiled. For mobeewave this will take place the 15th of December.

We wish determination and energy, to this young and inspiring organization and its expert team ready to succeed against all the challenges.

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