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Providing a stimulating and secure workspace for CEPSA

« Provide a stimulating and secure workspace in which the individuals and collective efforts are recognized” This is one of the first and foremost commitments of CEPSA Chemicals toward its employees. A commitment that the organization is demonstrating this year by employing the services of Esprit de Corps to organize a seminar proposed to all employees.

In the last two weeks of November, the company will welcome Esprit de Corps in order to sensitize and inspire the employees to leadership, team mobilization and health. The program is designed to to evaluate the potential of employees to challenge themselves and work together in order to succeed.

To begin with, each of the 160 participant fills out a survey concerning health and team dynamics. This initial 'evaluation' sets the table for an exchange among coworkers during a conference about the leadership and lifestyle habits necessary to take on a challenge. After which, participants  'learn by action' by taking on a challenge of their own. 

After the intervention of Esprit de Corps, Nathalie Bourassa, CRHA Coordinator - Formation and Humain ressources of the organization testifies : "We are proud of our collaboration with Esprit de Corps. M. Barbot's conference and the activities led by Esprit de Corps coaches raised our awareness of our physical fitness and the importance of each member of a team. Their approach was tailored admirably to our indoor and outdoor environment, to make us live a - live action- team experience which was remarkable. We experienced the strength of a team. This approach will improve our relationships, increase our team cohesion and bring us together to take on challenges in a spirit of fun and performance."

The conclusion of the seminar is an analysis report based on the results of the survey and observations of Esprit de Corps staff during the time spent together.  The ultimate goal of this endeavour being to support the client, CEPSA in defining new objectives for better health and collaboration of their employees in 2015.

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