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Running for a good cause

On May 29, 275 women and men will run a relay race as part of the 2014 Montreal-New York Challenge. They are taking on a significant challenge as each individual will run the equivalent of two marathons, more than 80 km. Participants are divided into eight running groups and will run eight, 10-km relays before arriving on Times SquareParticipants raise funds to support the Esprit de Corps Foundation.   

Each participant raises $2,450 and runs from Montreal-New York. The money raised will be used to support the Esprit de Corps Foundation whose mission is to help individuals faced with adversity to develop their resilience and full potential by bringing them to surpass themselves and accomplish a feat they thought impossible as a team.


The Challenge represents more than a race for the participants; it represents an experience of a lifetime. In fact, the Challenge is an unbelievable human experience that allows participants to forge strong relationships. They spend more than 70 hours living in limited space where they will live and share unique moments with fellow participants. They are going to push their limits together in order to arrive hand-in-hand on Times Square. It will also be a testament of this outstanding adventure!

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