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Successful challenge for the 6th cohort of the Foundation Esprit de Corps

Full success for the 6th cohort of the foundation Esprit de Corps!

Saturday afternoon, the 6th cohort (the “Yetis Samurais”) reached the summit of the Mount Washington.

Departed in the early afternoon on Friday on the trails, the participants reached the shelters to spend the night and get ready to go to the summit the next day.

This accomplishment is the result of a 12-sessions program started on the 18 of august with physical surpasses sessions, multiple conferences to make them acquire the sufficient knowledge to succeed this climbing.

This program of the Foundation Esprit de Corps aim to bring the single parents to overtake their limits and to show that together they are able to accomplish big things.

“The fact to belong in a group gave me wings. I participated to this program for me even if this would have been physically difficult and also mentally… I persevered, went to all the sessions to surpass myself every weeks. Despite my injury that didn’t allow me to pursue with my bag all the way to the summit, all the team mobilised to reach the top together…” tell us Valery Nadeau

During the whole weekend, the mutual aid between the participants enables them to reach the summit despite very difficult weather conditions.

Next weekend it will be the turn for the cohort 7 to climb the mount Washington, good luck to all of them!

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