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The SDE profile, a compass for companies leadership

The SDE profile, a compass for companies leadership

Signing on for a training program for their employees is an investment for any organization. But knowing which program to choose or whether your employees will be responsive is a challenge.

Will your team be responsive? What are their areas of concern? What is the best timing? What type of intervention will work best with your team?

To answer these essential questions, Esprit de Corps created the HTD profile questionaire- which measures the  Health and Dynamism of employees, in order to guide companies in their choices with a knowledge of their environment and reality. 

The SDE profile collects information on how employees feel about the organization’s impact on their health and their relationships with their colleagues as well as their own initiatives and motivations in their health and interpersonal skills.  The profile also estimates employees expectations and preferences towards a training program. 

More specifically, the spheres addressed are:

Health: From a physical and emotional point of view. It evaluates lifestyle habits if employees.

Team Dynamism: Effective communication, belief in teamwork, pride towards the organization. A key factor examined is the interpersonal relationships between employees.

Vision:  Individual's expectations and motivation to work on aforementioned spheres. Commitment of the team regarding a training program.

The questionnaire is anonymous and the data collected is compiled in a report for the companies' leadership. Our intention is that this questionnaire will guide you in making more relevant choices when investing in your employees, in their health and/or team mobilization. 

For more information about the HTD profile, please contact one of our mobilization councilor.


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