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Blog : stress is your friend

How we can demonstrate that taking on challenges together is an evolutionary adaptation?

We strongly recommend this video conference to anyone interested in mental focus and in taking on challenges together- and to the rest of you, who want to understand why we do it!


In short, this conference presents studies published by Harvard on how to make stress your friend. The main idea is that if you accept stress as a physiological reaction that energizes you to take on challenges AND when you feel stressed you turn to others for help or are altruistic in your solution, you cancel out any negative effects of stress- Pouf! (physiologically proven)

So the next time you find yourself short of breath, sweating profusely, or that you wake up with a shock as you realize today is the day you are going to climb Mont Washington, or that you are going as fast as you can to get ready for your relay which you think you might miss because your teammate only woke you up 10 minutes before- take it all in and appreciate- appreciate the fact that your body has this amazing capacity to adapt to unpredictable events which you have no control over- that it can give you the energy necessary to take on your challenges head on- to be courageous.

And if for some reason, you don’t feel that you have the energy to do it alone, or you feel that, others could be facing the same challenges, then communicate- share- chances are that together you have better chances of succeeding- it’s nature!

Interested- find out more by watching this conference.

See any parallels with Esprit de Corps challenges?

Aviva Lavallée
Associate - Director, leadership and mobilization department 

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