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by increasing the efficiency of individuals in high-pressure situations.
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Do you know what learned optimism is?


It’s a scientifically proven concept that optimism can be learned and cultivated.

A researcher and psychologist active in the 19060’s, Martin Seligman demonstrated through several studies that ‘ the way in which we interpret an event, in an optimistic or pessimistic way, depends on, whether or not we believe it will have  a lasting impact, will influence several aspects of your life and our sphere of influence and responsability.’

‘Those that demonstrate an optimistic explication, condition themselves for success in all areas of life, favors good health, increases perseverance and prevents them from falling into a depression.’

Learned optimism- in Esprit de Corps terminology- we call this dynamism.

Dynamism, is one of our core values and it also the element which we have found makes the greatest difference for our clients when undertaking challenges.

In this new year, Esprit de Corps wished you to take on a challenghe, a goal, as described in Samuel Ostiguy’s capsule.This challenge will become yet another opportunity to ultivate your dynamism and condition yourself for the success you deserve.

Aviva Lavallée
Director, Leadership and team mobilization department

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