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Esprit de Corps anounces the nomination of two new associates

Groupe Esprit de Corps is glad to announce the nomination of two new associates, Aviva Lavallée and Sanuel Ostiguy. Previously Directors in the organization they have been promoted to the rank of associates, demonstrating the company’s determination to grow and move forward as a team.

 Aviva Lavallée, associate and director of the department of leadership and team  mobilization directs the service team counselling corporate teams for the past 8 years.  Her principal objective is working with business leaders on their leadership and how they  take on challenges as well as working with EDC’s team of coaches to be the most  impactful in their interventions with clients in affecting human performance. A woman of action, Aviva dares and dream big. Dynamic and committed, she is a source of inspiration for all of her colleagues. 


 Samuel Ostiguy, Associate and Director of Project management- a team made up of  client services, Logsitics and Operations. His principal task is accompanying clients  through the key steps of imagining, building and realizing a project with Esprit de  Corps. A natural leader his sharp mind and wit as well as his gregarious nature are  qualities that are appreciated by his colleagues and clients alike.

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