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First step to Reaching the Summit

Among more than a hundred high-quality applications, seven Top Executives were selected to take part in the Leadership Program « Reaching the summit » offered by the newspaper Les Affaires and Groupe Esprit de Corps Inc. On Wednesday 4th they met for the very first time. This was an opportunity to exchange on their upcoming adventure and experience their first preparation session.

A representative sample of entrepreneurs  « Made in Québec »

« The objective of such an adventure was to gather 7 Top Executives with unique back grounds; they come from a wide range of sectors like New Technologies, and manufacturing, we have seniors and younger professionals, men and women » reports Géraldine Martin, Associate publisher and editor in chief for the newspaper Les Affaires.

Christian Belair, CEO of Credo ; Martin Dupuis, CEO of TW ; Stephan Parent Managing Director for the Nouvelle France Festival; Laurent Pieraut CEO of the North-American office of Communication et Systemes ; Josée St-Onge, Partner at PwC ; Pierre-Marc Tremblay COO of Convivia, and Nathalie H Tremblay, CEO at Marmott.

A multi-challenge adventure

Whilst applying for the program, each executive shared their relevant history leading up to this challenge and their expectations regarding the experience. Their principal motivations were a willingness to learn by experience, to live an experience among peers and for performance to drive them to integrate better lifestyle habits in their lives.

« This program is an opportunity to get yourself together, and to learn to work and communicate with others outside your comfort zone » says Christian Bélair. « I thought it would be interesting to live a leadership experience as well as a team experience because they’re two important notions for me that I think we have to constantly renew » adds Stephan Parent.

Transmitting their experience and learning to their employees and families is also a crucial aspect of the program for these business leaders.

 To truly learn an integrate the lessons brought forth in the program, for the benefit of their business partners and relatives, all of the members realize that the key will be their teamwork in order to become a performant and highly functioning team.

To prepare for this challenge, participants will benefit from weekly collective training sessions, a series of workshops and conferences, as well as individual life and fitness coaching – to prepare them physically and psychologically to take on the Challenge ! Further, Stronger, Together !

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