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Montreal-New York challenge, ready to go


On monday january 26th, the Esprit de Corps Foundation will inaugurate its tenth edition of the Montreal-New York challenge. Throughout the launch party, the 140 participants who will cover the distance by foot in may, will have a chance to meet coaches, teamates and volunteers  of the challenge.

The program will begin in februray and end in may with the arrival in the bug apple. During the preparation, participants qill have a chance to participate in weekly team performance sessions , as well as benefitting from workshop, conferences and personnal follow-ups, and a preparatory challenge to be as ready as they can for the montreal-New York relay run. Esprit de Corps’ approach emphasizes that mental preparation and winning attitude are as important if not more sot han physical preparation in succeeding at a challenge.

Distinguisted speakers and experts in their field such as Bruny Syrin and Blaise Dubois are invited to join forces with Esprit de Corps coaches in educating participants and sharing their own experiences.

About the Montreal-New York challenge and the Foundation :
The Montreal-New York challenge is the Foundaation’s annuel fundraiser wich enables it to fulfill it’s mission : to accompany individuals faced of their adversity and equip them with tools that contribute to the development of their resilience and full potential.
Thanks to the 2015 challenge, the Foundation has set itself the target of 40% of the money collected to be redistributed in charity programs in 2015-2016.

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