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For the Montréal - New York Challenge, the foundation enroll volonteers to make this big event possible.

It has been now ten years that teams are annualy running from Montréal to New York. It has been ten editions where volonteers are dedicated and give their energy to make this event a huge succes.

Without their availability, their implication, their devotion to the project but also and mainly their energy and contagious happiness, these events could not have been created. I would like to adress a huge thank you to everyone that made this possible. Your contribution allow to so many people to dream and to grow together.

Become volunteer for the Challenge is not only about giving some of your time. It is about to live a wonderful human experience and contribute to the blooming of the Foundation by helping it to achieve its missions : support and guide the people who are facing daily adversity to develop their resilience and their full potential.

The Montréal - New York Challenge is the reunion of a big family where participants, volunteers, beneficiaries of the Foundation and the Esprit de Corps' team celebrate the power of team experience. As member of the administration council and coach of the Montréal New York Challenge, i'll be proud to share the road, the smiles and the joy to be together.

Sébastien St Hilaire
Member of the Administration Council


There is a summary of the differents positions given to the volonteers during the challenge :

SECURITY : make sure of the security of the runners, the volonteers and the people on the road, facilitate the logistic of the RV convoy on the road.

PINK TEAM : supervise the runners and make sure of the good relay management

CONDUCTEUR : Drive the RV of the volonteers or the logistics vehicles

ASSISTANT CONDUCTEUR : Be a wingman for the driver of the RV or the logistic vehicle

New this year : Some drivers and driver-assistants of RV will have the possibility to have other logistic task when the RV will be parked.


For the people who would not be available for the whole program, be aware that we are also looking for volonteers to help the organisation of the departure and the coming back of the challenge.
You can fill the form to pre enroll and be part of the support team of the Challenge.

Wednesday 10 december 2014   18h - 20h

Information and inscription meeting

Monday 26 january 2015

Kick-Off of the challenge for the participants

Wednesday 11 february 2015 18h - 21h

Volonteer Session

Wednesday 4 march 18h - 21h

Volonteer Session

Sunday 29 march 2015 9h - 16h

Plenary session with the participants

10 - 11 - 12 april 2015

Preparation challenge

Wednesday 13 may 2015 18h-21h

Volonteer session

28 may – 1er juin

Final Challenge

Discover the whole team and all the information about the program by downloading the information manual of the volonteers 2015



You will find below the questionnaire to pre register to the challenge. If you want to participate to the whole program or just be part of the support team in Montréal, the first step is to fill the form to join the team.

The final registration form will be handed during the information meeting on the 10 december.


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