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A donation with an impact

Each donation to the foundation Esprit de Corps is a lever because its added to the many other donations, the support of our sponsors and the engagement of the volonteers who are present every years. This donation is invested to the people who are in a difficult situation to guide them to their resilience and discover their full potential in the single parents family or the support of youth organisations. 

Why donate ?

To help families, children and youth in difficult situation to raise up and discover their full potential. More details

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How are donations used?

Download the 2015 previsional budget Download the annual report of the Foundation Download the financial report of 2014
*A single-parent family is headed by either a single father or mother responsible for one or more children. Single parents live with their children. Therefore, a mother or father who lives with a partner (including de facto unions) or whose children have left home does not constitute single-parent families. Source: Source : Ministry of Family Affairs

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