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Our mission

Created in 2006 the foundation has the mission to accompany individuals faced with adversity and equip them with tools that contribute to the development of their resilience and full potential. Individuals learn to surpass themselves and work as a team to accomplish feats they thought impossible.

The Foundation currently pursues initiatives aimed at single-parent families*. Single parents have free access to Challenges based on Smarter, Stronger, Together. These Challenges encourage participants to optimize their lifestyle habits; progress physically and psychologically as a team; and contribute to the development of resilience.


Administration Council

Gilles Barbot - President : President, Groupe Esprit de Corps Inc.

Michel Savonitto - Vice-president : Lawyer, Savonitto & Ass.

Sébastien St-Hilaire - Secretary : Securities Investment Advisor, Desjardins

William Riverin - Treasurer : Lawyer, First director in Tax System, PwC 

Théodore Fairhurst : Mountaineer : President, Property Management Fairhust and Conference Speaker

Aviva Lavallée : Coach Director, Groupe Esprit de Corps Inc. 

Emmanuel Poirel : Phd – Stress specialist in work place, Teacher at the University of Montréal



2006 The Foundation obtains the status of charity organism and the main objectives of its mission are defined: act to develop the full potential of the people who face the adversity.
The first edition of the challenge Montréal – New York the annual found raise for the foundation is created.


2007 - 2011 The Foundation brings its support to the Youth center of Montréal, the foundation “Sur la pointe des pieds” and to the group “DesÉquilibres” to enhance the programs that they offer to the youth.

2011 First targeted to the youth, the mission of the foundation widens to meet the single parent families with the creation of the “Parent Unique” programs. This new project has for first objectives to develop the resilience and the full potential of the parents that raise their children on their own and face the adversity. The program will lead them to overtake themselves and accomplish together what they thought it was impossible.

2012 First edition of the Mount Washington Challenge for the Parent Unique programs; the Montréal – New York Challenge rally 136 participants, so 120 more than the previous year.

2013 Two cohorts of single parent reach the top of the Mount Washington after 3 months; 243 people take part of the Montréal – New York Challenge.

2014 The charity programs of the foundation widen. Three cohorts of single parents raise the Mount Washington Challenge, 160 single parents and friends take part to the challenge “my first 10km” and reunited to run the first 10km of the Montréal – New York Challenge. 25 disadvantaged youth of Verdun raise a sailing challenge during a program of support of scholar perseverance. The foundation brings its support to 3 projects youth driven by two non-profit organisms “Toujours Ensemble” and “l’Ancre des Jeunes” who act according to promote the resilience and the full potential of the targeted youth. 275 people took part of the 9th edition of the Montréal – New York challenge.



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